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Kenston Forest School


The Guidance Department is bustling at Kenston!

Whether it’s making sure our seniors are on track in the college application process or interacting with our younger students in Lower School, there is always something exciting happening in Guidance.

Our Head of School and Director of College Counseling, Lori Bacon; Director of Community Relations and College Counselor, Patricia Mahaney, and Dual Enrollment English Instructor, Shanley Dorin, are quite involved in our students’ educational lives from the moment our three year olds enter pre-school until the time our seniors walk across the stage to accept their diplomas and turn their tassels.

You are welcomed and encouraged to visit or contact Mrs. Patricia Mahaney (pmahaney@faculty.kenston.org) or Mrs. Shanley Dorin (sdorin@faculty.kenston.org) with any questions, but especially those related to guidance or college counseling.

Mrs. Angie Calhoun, is a school psychologist at KFS.  Mrs. Calhoun interacts with all of our students and her role is vital in meeting the emotional needs of our students.  You are welcomed and encouraged to visit or contact Mrs. Angie Calhoun at acalhoun@faculty.kenston.org.

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