Course Registration

Each year in February students are given a Scheduling Request Form which includes a copy of the student’s current schedule along with an area for the student’s current teachers to make recommendations for courses in the coming academic school year. The day is dedicated to students meeting with their teachers to discuss their current performance in the classroom and their academic goals for the future. Students also are asked to provide three elective choices, in the order of their preference, on the request form. At the end of the day, the forms are collected and returned to the Associate Head of School. The information is compiled in an Excel spreadsheet to determine the numbers of students in each course and the most popular elective choices for the upcoming academic school year.

In August, a schedule is formulated to meet the academic needs of as many students as possible. The schedule is entered into KavSis, our on-line grading system; and using the information gathered from the Scheduling Request Forms, students are enrolled into the courses for which they were recommended. Elective spots are left open for students to make their elective choice from the courses available during their open class periods. A complete list of the courses is provided on the Guidance page of the website. Students are instructed to e-mail the Head of School with their elective courses and schedules are finalized and are available to view and print through KavSis.

Throughout the scheduling process, parents and students are invited to meet with the Associate Head of School to insure students are on the proper track for a timely graduation. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to review the Academic Affairs and Guidance section of the Upper School Handbook  for a complete list of the courses/credits required for graduation.

Questions should be directed to the Associate Head of School through e-mail at or through the school office.