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Kenston Forest School

Research Resources

Welcome to the Library Media Center Research Resources page!

World Book Web  – Multimedia database accessible 24/7 with user ID and password

InfoTrac – Infopowering the Commonwealth – Accessible using your local public library card

BibMe – Citation Maker is an interactive Web tool designed to assist teachers and students in producing reference citations for crediting information from other people.

Citation Machine – Automatically generates citations in MLA or APA format.

www.finditva.com – Find It Virginia is library service 24 hours a day at home, at work, or anywhere you connect to the Internet.

www.picsearch.com – Picsearch is a search engine for pictures and images and has many features which make it unique.

www.firstgov.gov – The United States government’s official web portal.

www.newsela.com – Visit this site to see what’s trending in current events.

www.ipl.org – Great academic resources for students.

owl.english.purdue.edu – Perdue On-line Writing Lab

www.khanacademy.org – Khan Academy believes you can learn anything.

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