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Kenston Forest School

First Grade

Welcome to the First Grade!

The students in First Grade are learning to read, spell, solve elementary math problems, tell time, and problem solve. Our first graders work in Learning Centers, many of which are computer-based, to focus on spelling, creative writing, math, and reading.

In science, our first graders are engaged in many hands on activities, including a nature walk, which will give students an opportunity to do leaf and bark printing back in the classroom. Many experiments are planned throughout the year to help students grasp basic concepts in science.

In social studies, students compare the school environment of today with the experience of the students’ great grandparents. This comparison helps students understand the concepts of change and history as well as developing their critical thinking skills of comparing and contrasting. First graders study the history of Virginia to give students an appreciation of their local history.

All of these concepts are taught in large group, small group, and individual settings.

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