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Kenston Forest School


Welcome to Kindergarten!

Our Kindergarten Class is overflowing with enthusiastic learners. We begin our day with calendar time and enjoy tracking the weather, month, and season. We hear a Bible story each day and look forward to chapel with the lower school each month.

In Kindergarten we spend a lot of time learning to write our letters and practicing sounds and new sight words. We like to count and are discovering new ways to count: by fives, tens and with tally marks. We use learning games, the computer, and hands on activities to review our skills in Learning Stations each week. This helps develop our problem solving skills and makes us more independent thinkers.

We are keeping our bodies fit in PE class and are visiting the media center weekly to check out books and explore new ways to learn in that environment. Mrs. Jones, our art teacher, comes to our building to help us develop our artistic abilities. Students are also taught Character Education, how to become our best at school and at home. Mrs. Wilhelm, our music teacher, helps us learn new songs and we really enjoy performing on stage for our families at events like Grandparents Day, the Christmas program and May Day.

Our personalities are blending together to form our truly unique class, much like our own families, and that’s what makes us so excited about coming to school each day!

Everything I ever need to know I learned in Kindergarten” — it doesn’t get any better than this! …Well, maybe in first grade, but we won’t tell them yet.

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