Third Grade

Welcome to the Third Grade!

Kenston Forest third grade is an active learning environment that not only involves direct instruction but also cooperative and independent learning processes. The core academic classes cover a range of subjects that are interrelated by topics.

In reading, the children explore a variety of genres and expand their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Children are encouraged to meet a set Accelerated Reading goal every quarter. This pinpoints the individual reading level so each child can progress at his/her own pace.

Throughout the year, the class works on main parts of speech and the formation and structure of complete sentences. In addition, they focus on learning the writing process and constructing and creating informative reports and creative stories.

The students’ addition and subtraction facts expand to multiple digits. They increase their knowledge of geometric concepts, fractions, measurements, and solving a variety of word problems. Division and algebraic expressions are introduced, and the children are given their first formal instruction to the multiplication tables and are required to know the tables 0-12.

The social studies curriculum begins with learning how to read and use a map. From there the children learn about different lands such as ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and Mali. Students also examine government and famous Americans, such as Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Science studies provide experiences aimed at developing and maintaining a wide range of science and critical thinking processes. Students explore topics like plants, animals, the solar system, and forces and motion.

Third graders continue to practice forming upper and lower case cursive letters as well as applying handwriting skills in all subjects. Spelling instruction focuses on dividing words into phonetic sounds and groups and using words relating to our core subjects.

Resource classes in third grade include Physical Education, weekly Art, Music, Character Education, and Library. To expand classroom learning, the class takes a field trip to Washington, D.C. We visit such landmarks as the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museums,  and Jefferson Memorial. Every spring, we go to Agricultural Day where we participate in hands-on activities that aid in our understanding of erosion, natural resources, simple machines, and the water cycle. Students get the opportunity to pet sheep, hold baby chicks, and make their own paper. Children are also involved in a variety of school activities, including a Christmas Program, May Day, Grandparents’ Day, and Chapel.

Third grade thrives in an academic and social learning environment that fosters knowledge through instruction, reading, and hands-on activities with a connection to real life experiences.