The goal of the Kenston Forest School English Department is to provide all Upper School students with a college preparatory level education, focusing on development of all facets needed to possess superb writing skills, knowledge of and exposure to all types of literature, vocabulary instruction, and preparation for college placement testing. Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards.

Students in 8th and 9th grades focus on a comprehensive course of study which includes a survey of all literary genres. They will begin honing their writing skills by practicing various types and conducting research based activities, utilizing both print and digital media.

Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades build on all of these skills; however, each grade level focuses on world literature, American literature, and British literature respectively. They begin preparation in earnest for the verbal portions of the PSAT and SAT, receiving strategies which assist them in being successful in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. We work closely with SAT prep instructors to provide comprehensive college preparation for all of our students.

Kenston Forest also offers dual enrollment English courses to juniors and seniors who are interested in earning college credit at the high school level and wish to challenge themselves academically. Currently, we offer ENG 111/112 (College Composition I/II) and ENG 242/243 (Survey of American Literature I/II). These dual enrollment courses are offered in conjunction with Southside Virginia Community College.

We are also the proud sponsors of the awarding winning Kenston Forest Upper School Forensics team. Students who participate in forensics are given the opportunity to represent our school at the annual AVA competition by presenting a prose, poetry, monologue, or dialogue selection. Students also compete in the AVA fine arts (writing) portion of the forensics competition where they submit short stories, poetry, and essays for judging.