The following is an edited excerpt from Glencoe’s ‘Spotlight on Pedagogy’.

“The primary goal in learning a foreign language, for any student, is to learn how to communicate effectively. Communication is defined as ‘the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writings, or signs.’ Based on this definition, those who wish to communicate should first know what idea or information that they want to convey. To communicate effectively, then, individuals must develop the lexicon (words) needed to successfully convey the information. Individuals must also have an ability to put the words together into coherent utterances (structure), and some awareness of the customs or mores of those with whom they are communicating. It’s quite a task, but not a chore.”

“Each chapter of Bon Voyage adheres to a specific communicative topic and gives students the words, structures, and cultural background that they need to convey the information they want concerning the topic.¬†Upon completion of each chapter, students will be able to go off on their own and communicate or “survive” in that situation in a French-speaking environment. ”

“The pedagogy (teaching technique) of the Glencoe French enables students to create language on their own, from the beginning rather than rely on isolated memorized expressions and responses that they cannot change or manipulate to express precisely what they want to say.”

“Glencoe French makes it work and makes for a truly bon voyage!”