Spanish language education offers students an opportunity to develop a diverse skill set which will allow learners to develop in the four principal areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The classroom setting emphasizes the dynamic potential of each learner, encouraging students to produce material which connects the Spanish language and Hispanic culture to their own life experience. Students are at the center of their own learning and will be challenged through the use of ongoing formative assignments to practice their language skills.

Through practical application of the language both inside and outside of the classroom, students will be able to retain their language skills after they leave Kenston, allowing them to meet the demands of an increasingly globalized world.

Curriculum varies by year and is designed to help students develop the four essential components of language learning.

Introduction to Spanish through Spanish 2 is designed to help students build fundamental skills such as oral dialogue, verb conjugation, and will expose students to aspects of Hispanic culture such as family life and navigating one’s way through a Spanish-speaking country.

Spanish 3 and 4 encourage students to expand upon the skills learned in previous years by developing advanced speaking and writing skills. Students will learn numerous new verb tenses such as the subjunctive and will participate in numerous group projects designed to foster cooperative learning. Of course, students will have a chance to utilize their skills in various experiential learning activities outside of the classroom.