Welcome to the Kenston Forest Math Department! 

At KFS, the Math Department promotes and supports a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that intends to help students be successful in their future academic endeavors. The mathematics coursework prepares students to be life long learners and future problem solvers. The faculty members work together to respond to the changing environment of mathematics education and to promote effective instructional strategies, which seek to actively engage all students in the learning process.

Students seeking a diploma from Kenston Forest must earn three credits in mathematics. Algebra I and Geometry are required math courses and all students must earn one additional math elective course, Algebra II or Business Math. Beyond the required classes, other higher level, college preparatory classes include: Math Analysis, Statistics, Pre-Calculus and Calculus (Algebra II is required for students who wish to enroll in any of these courses). Incoming Upper School students in the eighth grade will begin their high school math course of study with Pre-Algebra or Algebra I, based on the recommendation of the seventh grade math instructor.

All math classes taught by Kenston Forest strive to challenge the student’s critical thinking skills. Each is based on the Common Core State Standards, which were designed to prepare students for college and career. The courses all move at a rigorous pace and students must be prepared to study nightly in order to achieve mastery. Should a student find him or herself struggling, peer tutors are available through the guidance department or in some cases, tutors can be recommended by the student’s instructor.