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Kenston Forest School

Main Office Dedication in Memory of Nell C. Irby

Main Office Dedication in Memory of Nell C. Irby

The Nell C. Irby Administrative Office at Kenston Forest School is dedicated in loving memory of Nell C. Irby, a patron, parent, teacher, administrator, and devoted supporter of Kenston Forest School for nearly four decades. During her career as a teacher, coach and administrator at Blackstone Day School and Kenston Forest School for a quarter century, Nell served the students, staff, and parents as administrative support, and as a typing teacher and cheerleading coach for a generation of students. She was a faithful advocate for this school and its mission through her efforts.

Nell was a dear and loving wife and a mother of two Kenston Forest alumni, Margaret (Class of 1987) and Hunter (Class of 1993). Besides her career as a popular and effectual teacher, she was an avid sportswoman, compassionate volunteer, erstwhile musician, and devout Christian. Her memory perpetually serves as a model to student, teacher, administrator, and parent alike. She is fondly remembered by the Blackstone community and our Kenston Forest family.

We admire Nell’s dedication to the ideals of effective and efficient instruction in a Christian setting, so therefore The Lunenburg-Nottoway Educational Foundation Board of Directors in turn dedicates this main administration office in thankful memory of Nell C. Irby. Just as this office has capably served our school immeasurably in countless ways for the benefit of the Kenston Forest family, we remember that Nell accomplished the same in this very place. We affectionately remember her with this memorial.

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