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Kenston Forest School

Kenston Parents’ Association (KPA)

The purpose of the Kenston Forest Parents’ Association (KPA) is to promote a sense of close community, cooperation, and communication among the administration, faculty, staff, parents (or guardians) and students at KFS.  The KPA provides volunteer support for student activities, fundraising projects, school’s athletic programs, and the welcoming of new families.  Being involved in the KPA allows parents to be proactive in supporting the mission of the school by:

  • Establishing a forum for voicing concerns, interest, needs, and ideas
  • Promoting an environment for opportunities for all families to feel connected and included

We have short-term projects with a clear start/end date. These projects might include:

  • working on a team for a particular fundraiser
  • leading a community service project
  • serving refreshments at a school function
  • working athletic events

We have larger, more long-term, on-going activities for those people who can offer several hours a month. Remember, ongoing KPA sponsored fundraisers include collecting box tops.  KPA also needs volunteers as well .  The fundraisers help support school projects that may not be in our school budget.

So you see, we are a volunteer organization run by volunteers. Everyone can pitch in. All parents or guardians of the students enrolled at KFS are considered members of the KPA.  Everyone can offer their natural skills, talents and abilities to strengthen our effectiveness. YOU can help! You just need to be willing. To find out what you can do during the year:

  • Email the Kenston Forest KPA at kenstonforestkpa@gmail.com and get involved today.
  • Click here to visit the Kenston Forest Parents’ Association Facebook page!

We truly appreciate your partnership in making our school and children successful!


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