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Kenston Forest School

2018-2019 Class Officers

2018-2019 Class Officers

Grade 8:
President: Sophie Crowder
Vice-President: Brayan Demuni
Secretary: Hanna Mahaney
Treasurer: JD Rimon

Grade 9:
President: Dylan Eanes
Vice-President: Kristin Sheffield
Secretary: Taylor Maione
Treasurer: Jacob Stallard

Grade 10:
President: Geoffrey Tozzi
Vice-President: Mya Mahaney
Secretary: Faith Spruill
Treasurer: Austin Dornak

Grade 11:
President: Hayley King
Vice-President: Haley Henshaw
Secretary: Rachel Tucker
Treasurer: Katie Shaw

Grade 12:
President: Samantha Gunn
Vice-President: Sam Hodges
Secretary: Merri Scarlett Edens
Treasurer: Sterling Crowder



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