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Kenston Forest School

Table of Courses 2020-2021

July 10, 2020

Students in Grades 8 – 12 can now access their schedules on Kav-Sis and a list of all courses offered for the 2019-2020 academic school year may be accessed on this page when made available.

After reviewing your schedule and your elective choices, please email Mrs. Lori Bacon at lbacon@faculty.kenston.org with your elective choice for the period or periods in which there is no course listed on your current schedule. If you wish to alter your schedule, for example, if you would prefer to take Dr. Allen’s Political Science course 4th period instead of 3rd period, you must e-mail Mrs. Bacon the complete 6-period set of courses you wish to take. She is not able to accept requests that simply read, “I’d rather take Doc’s 4th period class.”

Complete schedules will have 6 periods and 6 courses.

Schedules for our 8th and 9th grade students are set and do not require an elective choice.

Please be sure to scroll to the end and pay careful attention to the notes provided on page 2, following the Table of Courses, and remember that courses listed may reach capacity and be unavailable to additional students. Your timely response BY EMAIL is important!

If you have questions regarding scheduling, feel free to email Mrs. Bacon.  Mrs. Bacon is available to meet with students by appointment. If you feel a meeting would be beneficial, please email her to schedule an appointment.

Please remember, if you have questions or concerns about your schedule or need to set up an appointment, EMAIL Mrs. Bacon, please do not call. Email helps track and document your requests.

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