Friday night was an important night in the life of our school, and our community.

On the anniversary of 9/11, we honored fallen heroes and all those who sacrifice so that we may be safe and free. In so doing, we are teaching our children the value of courage and commitment, and of gratitude.

Billy Coleburn

A special thank you to Mayor Billy Coleburn and Major James Shaver for their inspiring remarks, and to our Fifth graders, for the joy and pride with which they led us in singing, “God Bless America.”

Shaver 3

God Bless America 2

Friday night was a night of fellowship and fun! We are all so grateful for the parents, students, coaches, faculty and friends of the school whose hard work and thoughtful planning made for such a fantastic celebration! So many people helped and, in helping, they have enriched us all!

Kavalier Pride… Kavalier Spirit… Kavalier Values! They are vibrant and alive, and growing strong!

Your help is needed—please volunteer to support our PTO. Help make this Friday’s game even better! Send an email to Mr. Zanowski and he will help you connect with the PTO: