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Kenston Forest School


The Lunenburg-Nottoway Educational Foundation is a non-profit corporation duly incorporated in the state of Virginia on February 21, 1966. The Lunenburg-Nottoway Educational Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body of Kenston Forest School. The primary duty of the Board is to exercise a general supervision over all of the business of the Foundation which includes fiscal stability of the school and to establish the policy on all matters relating to the operation of the school.

Lunenburg-Nottoway Educational Foundation Board Members

Mr. Charles G. Butts, Jr., Chairman

Mr. Robert Hawthorne, Jr., Vice Chairman, Class of 1986

Mr. Joe Borum, Treasurer

Mrs. Bolling Scott, Class of 1972Secretary

Mr. Chuck Arnason

Mrs. Kristin Callis Hodges, Class of 1985

Mrs. Anne Quicke

Mrs. Genie Rimon

Mr. Marvin Thomas, Jr.

Mrs. Sarah Flippen Walker, Class of 2004

Mr. Jerome Wilson


Mr. Otho Fraher, Director Emeritus

Mr. Robert Hawthorne, Sr, Director Emeritus

Dr. William Phipps, Director Emeritus

Mr. Jerry Callis, Past Director Emeritus


The day to day operation and management of the School is to be handled by the Head of School and the School’s Administration.


Mrs. Lori Bacon, Head of School & Director of College Counseling

Dr. Ruth Ann Horn, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Mrs. Patricia Mahaney, Director of Community Relations and College Advisor

Mr. Joe Maione, Director of Athletics

Mrs. Frannie Schwabenton, Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid


Mr. Jason Buchanan, Technology Director

Mrs. Angie Calhoun, School Counselor



Excellence in Education Since 1966