Students arrive at Kenston Forest School from all walks of life, each possessing their own unique talents and learning styles. We recognize and appreciate the differences in our students and vary our teaching strategies from traditional to innovative in order to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Ultimately, our mission is to provide an environment in which all students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth will grow into mature, responsible, college-bound young adults who understand the importance of leadership, scholarship, service and strong character.

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The Director’s Welcome

Kenston Forest School’s goal has been to provide an outstanding educational program that stresses personal growth, initiative and responsibility. Experienced teachers in grades Kindergarten through twelfth, strive to give every student a strong academic foundation for future success. Reading, a major contributing factor in creating life-long learners, has always been a top priority in every classroom, especially in the lower school (Grades PreK – 7th). For many years the Accelerated Reader Program has made a positive impact on students’ reading success.

Students learn in an atmosphere where there is a high expectation for mutual respect of each other, where teachers work together to recognize and celebrate the talents and efforts of every student and share a common concern for the overall well-being of all students. Outside every grade-level classroom, the students attend classes in art, music, physical education, character education and library usage.  Their community service projects participation generates excitement and active involvement. 

Both teachers and administrators welcome parental support and participation. We encourage parents to be partners in their child’s education because the school recognizes that parental input and suggestions are vital to the success and well-being of the total program. The ultimate goal is to create a community in which parents and staff can work together to understand how students can be encouraged to do their best.

Kenston Forest School has and will continue to dedicate itself to making a positive difference in the life of each child in its care.

Dr. Ruth Ann Horn, Director of Curriculum & Instruction