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Financial Assistance

A Parent’s Guide to Need-Based Financial Aid

At Kenston Forest School, we are committed to supporting eligible families through our need-based financial aid program. Here’s what you need to know:

Application Process and Deadline

The annual deadline for filing an application for need-based financial aid is March 1. It’s important to submit your application on time to be considered for aid.

How Financial Aid is Determined

Kenston Forest School uses School and Student Services by NAIS, a leading non-profit agency that partners with hundreds of independent schools, to assist in determining financial need. All financial aid grants are based solely on demonstrated financial need. We do not offer scholarships for sports or other activities.

Who is Eligible?

Financial aid is available for students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Please note that while the school is strongly committed to providing need-based financial aid, our resources are limited. Not every application will result in a financial aid grant, and we cannot guarantee full funding for all demonstrated needs.

Confidential Assistance

Frannie Schwabenton, our Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid, is available to assist you through the financial aid application process. She ensures that all information is kept strictly confidential.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Mrs. Schwabenton:

Phone: 434-292-7218

Kenston Forest School is proud to offer this program and is dedicated to making education accessible to all eligible students through financial aid. We encourage all families in need to apply and take advantage of this opportunity.