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Welcome to Kenston Forest School

A school where every child is known and valued…
a place where children learn more, do more, dream more and become more!

Thank you for visiting our website, and for taking time to learn about our school family. Kenston Forest School is a happy place, a place where all who enter gladly learn and gladly teach.

We are a family school, where parents and grandparents are welcome partners to inspiring mentor-teachers and coaches, where all adults share a bright, optimistic vision of what children become.

We are a community united in our love of children, and a core set of beliefs:

  • Children learn best when they feel safe: safe to experiment and explore, safe to try new things and learn from mistakes, safe to be themselves and safe to show they care.
  • The best lessons are often caught, not taught, and children need to be immersed in healthy cultures guided by skilled, compassionate mentors who teach, coach, educate and nurture the whole child.
  • Peer relationships matter, and children need to be surrounded by peers who are worthy of admiration—that is the power and the magic of a Pre-K through 12th grade school!
  • Now more than ever, children need a broad-based liberal arts education—a “learn how to learn” approach—that will equip them to be lifelong learners and enhance their ability to adapt to and thrive in a dynamic, diverse, fast-changing world.
  • Hands-on, active, project-based learning nurtures and enhances each child’s natural spirit of inquiry and joy of learning.
  • Sports, clubs, activities, community service and a rich menu of co-curricular offerings are essential to the healthy development of young people.
  • Children learn to become good people—honest, fair, trustworthy and respectful—when their community stresses moral excellence: the Judeo-Christian values of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, as well as belief in the dignity and equality of all people.

We are proud of our school and excited to help you learn more about us. I hope you will visit us and that you, too, will become part of our Kenston Forest family.