The Kenston Forest Art Program thrives under the creative direction of Ms. Allison Jones. Dedicated to instilling a passion for the fine arts in each student, Ms. Jones also emphasizes fostering individual creativity. Our comprehensive art program spans grades K-12, offering a robust selection of electives for Upper School students.

Program Highlights

    • School Art Shows: Students have the opportunity to showcase their work in various art shows throughout the year.
    • Festival Booths: Participation in community festivals allows students to display and sell their artwork.
    • Large Scale Murals: Students collaborate on murals that enhance both the school and the community.
    • Set Design: Involvement in set design for school productions offers practical experience in the arts.
    • Field Trips: Educational trips to museums and art galleries broaden students’ artistic horizons.



Lower School:

    • Frequency: Meets once a week for a 50-minute session.
    • Focus: Introduction to various art mediums and techniques, fostering early creativity.

Upper School:

    • Electives: Offered as semester or full-year courses.
    • Advanced Opportunities: Students can choose from a range of electives to further develop their artistic skills and explore different mediums.
    • Small Class Sizes: Personalized attention allows students to undertake large-scale projects and delve deeply into their artistic pursuits.

The Kenston Forest Art Program not only aims to nurture a love for the arts but also provides students with the skills and opportunities to express their creativity in meaningful ways.

For more information and updates on our art program, visit our Facebook Page – Kenston Forest.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our specific programs, feel free to contact Ms. Allison Jones for more information. Join us in celebrating the arts at Kenston Forest School, where every student’s creativity is valued and encouraged.