Financial Assistance

A Parent’s Guide to Need-Based Financial Aid

Kenston Forest School is proud to provide need-based financial aid to eligible families. School and Student Services by NAIS, a leading non-profit agency that joins with hundreds of independent schools, is used to support this worthy program. Frannie Schwabenton, our Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid, is available to assist you through this completely confidential process.

All financial aid grants are determined based on financial need. We do not offer scholarships for sports or other activities.

Aid is available for students who are enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The financial aid application can be found online at:

When you visit the website or discuss financial aid with Mrs. Schwabenton, you will learn that the confidential application process involves uploading family income using a copy of the family’s IRS 1040 (2018 or 2019), as well as completing a confidential on-line worksheet that documents monthly/annual household expenses.

Once that information is submitted to School and Student Services, the agency estimates a family’s ability to pay tuition and fees. This information is reported to Mrs. Schwabenton and the Head of School and a determination is made of the aid amount the school may offer.

Every aspect of the process is strictly confidential.

Please know that the school has a strong commitment to providing need-based financial aid but we do not have unlimited resources. Not every application results in a financial aid grant, and we cannot guarantee that all cases of demonstrated need will be fully funded.

Mrs. Schwabenton is happy to answer questions and assist families in all aspects of the application process. She can be reached at:
Phone: 434-292-7218

The deadline for filing an application for need-based financial aid is Friday, April 3, 2020.