Kenston Forest School rang in the new year celebrating the 54th First Day of School on August 14th. The celebration was led by the Student Government Association, the Class of 2020, and the new Head of School, Mrs. Lori Bacon. The Lunenburg Nottoway Educational Foundation announced Mrs. Bacon as the KFS Head of School earlier this year and she began her duties on July 1st . Mrs. Bacon has a history at KFS, as a parent of KFS Alumni, teacher, college counselor, Associate Head of School and Director of College Counseling.

Mrs. Bacon addressed the KFS students and families during the opening school assembly in the gym. “This summer major improvements were made across the entire campus. These improvements were made possible by generous donors showing support and their love for our school and school family. This year let’s focus on Kavalier pride, community involvement, gratitude, and giving back.” Mrs. Bacon stressed the importance of accountability and responsibility. The atmosphere and energy was electrifying as seen through the students’ smiles and cheers and very few tears.

KFS is excited to welcome new faculty, Emily Camden (Upper School Science), Amber Burdick (Pre-Kindergarten), Erika Newcomb (3rd Grade), Brittni Jones (Middle and Upper School Science), Joe Kaiser (Upper School English), Julia Watson (Lower School Phys. Ed and Health), and Kelley Downey (Kindergarten). Mr. Kaiser will also serve as the Head Football Coach and Ms. Jones as the Head Volleyball Coach.