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Kenston Forest School

Early Learning Center



A child’s love of learning begins in our Early Learning Center.  In our program, children are given the opportunity to explore, use their imaginations and learn through play. Children also learn through repetition and hands on activities; for example learning how to hold a crayon, say their ABC’s or catch a ball. Everyday your child will be challenged and you will be amazed at the information your little one will learn.

The preschool program has weekly themes and activities that coincide with the topic for the week. We review letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  Children participate in center play, art, music, movement, games, cooking activities and so much more! We celebrate major holidays and go on a number of wonderful field trips. Destinations include local favorites like the Parrish Pumpkin Patch located in Kenbridge and Bevell’s True Value, located right here in the heart of Blackstone, for the annual train display. In December, we visit Swift Creek Mill Theatre in Chesterfield, VA to see a Christmas play starring Drifty the Snowman. 

Your child will experience a loving and caring environment where the needs of the whole child are met. Feel free to drop by and discover all that the Kenston Forest Early Learning Center has to offer!

For more information, please contact the Director of Enrollment, Mrs. Frannie Schwabenton, at 434-292-7218 or fschwabenton@faculty.kenston.org.



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