Requirements for Graduation

Students must earn a minimum of 23 high school (grades 9-12) credits and community service requirements to be considered for graduation.

Of these 23 credits, 4 English, 3 math, 3 science, 3 social studies, 2 foreign language, 1 art/health/technical, and 7 additional electives are required.

Each 2-semester course (grades 9-12) successfully completed awards one credit. Each 1-semester course (grades 9-12) successfully completed awards ½ credit.

Transfer students must successfully complete at least six high school courses at Kenston Forest School to be considered for graduation.

Each student in grade 8 will take both Introduction to Spanish 8 and Introduction to French 8. Students will start Foreign Language I in the 9th grade for high school credit.

Algebra I is the only course that an 8th grader may count toward the 23 required credits for graduation. Students considered for Algebra 1 in 8th grade must receive a recommendation from the Grade 7 mathematics teacher and complete a math readiness test from the Algebra I teacher. Algebra I grades factor into high school transcripts/GPA; other 8th grade subjects do not.

Students are encouraged to contact the Associate Head of School to ensure they are taking proper course loads for grade level and graduation.