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Kenston Forest School

Student Government

The Kenston Forest School Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization of students working in collaboration with the administration and faculty to promote the general welfare of Kenston Forest School.  Every student in the school is a member of SGA. The SGA coordinates many aspects of student life such as conducting school assemblies, organizing student carnivals and festivals throughout the year, participating in planning cultural events, and coordinating the SGA elections.  The SGA plays a leadership role in school-wide activities, internal fundraising and in the development of student-related policies.

2019 – 2020 Student Government Association Officers

FACULTY SPONSORS:  Dr. John Allen and Mrs. Shanley Dorin

SGA President – Madelyn Long

SGA Vice President – Geoffrey Tozzi

SGA Secretary – Jackson Reynolds

SGA Treasurer – Jacob Stallard


President – Haley Henshaw

Vice President – Haley King

Secretary – Rachael Tucker

Treasurer – Sydney Harmon


President – Austin Dornak

Vice President – Gracie Coover

Secretary – Claire Wright

Treasurer – Maria Pack


President – Schuyler Green

Vice President –  Collin Clary

Secretary – Dylan Eanes

Treasurer – Billy Conti


President – Rylee Wilkerson

Vice President – Brayan Demuni

Secretary – Calin Steele

Treasurer – Daniel Henshaw


President –  Bobby Hawthorne

Vice President –  Dennis Dufresne

Secretary – Jonathan Tozzi

Treasurer – Sadie Henshaw



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