Kenston Forest School celebrated the first day of school on August, 16, 2017 with a student-led special assembly in the gymnasium.  Juniela Perez, Vice-President of the Student Government Association, asked everyone to stand and welcome the Class of 2030 and the Class of 2018, as the seniors and their Kindergarten buddies marched hand-in-hand into the gymnasium.  President of the Student Government, Chance Whitehead, welcomed everyone.  Taylor Berkley, a senior and a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes led the prayer, asking God’s blessing for the school year.  After the prayer, Chance announced, “Today is the school’s Fifty-Second ‘First Day of School!’ Join me now in counting the ringing of the Opening Bell, fifty-two times! Are you ready to count with me? One! Two! Three…!” in a thunderous count to fifty-two, followed by cheers and applause from the audience of students, teachers, parents, grandparents and special guests.

Kenston Forest School welcomes a student enrollment of 323, a figure that has grown over 30% in the last two years. Mr. Paul Zanowski, KFS Headmaster, entering his third year, credits the growth in enrollment to the school’s success in delivering on its mission promise, “Every Child Known and Valued!” and exciting new initiatives, such as its K-12 STEAM curriculum and new STEAM Lab.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Math) ties into every facet of the curriculum and works throughout the campus because it is hands-on, project-based learning. It is based on teamwork and is centered on students inventing solutions to problems and overcoming challenges. Students learn an amazing array of facts and knowledge because of the context of the curriculum, its relevance to the problems that are working to solve. It also fosters grit—resilience and persistence—and a healthy attitude about failure, stressing the importance of learning from each attempt.

KFS is excited to welcome new faculty, Tia Clary (Pre-K), Angie Calhoun (Dual Enrollment Psychology), Shanley Dorin (Dual Enrollment and Upper School English), Tim Herring (Upper School Science), Meredith Hudgins (Upper School Math), and Jeanette Wrenn (Upper School Science).  Mr. Jason Buchanan, has been named the Director of Technology and Mr. Joe Maione is the school’s new Athletic Director.