Twenty-eight students from  Kenston Forest School attended and participated in the 2017 Model General Assembly at The Capitol in Richmond, Virginia on March 23 -25.  The students were accompanied by the MGA Sponsor, Dr. John Allen and Dr. Ruth Ann Horn, KFS Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  The Model General Assembly program is designed to introduce high school students to the legislative process of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Legislation is debated in committees and on the floors of the Senate and House of Delegates.  Participants can assume the roles of senator, delegate, officer, lobbyist, reporter, or underclassmen legislator.  Lydia Wrenn served as a Committee Chair and Chance Whitehead, Remy Butts, Thomas Hunter, and Anna Clemens served as Bill Patrons.  Remy Butts was elected Attorney General for the 2018 Model General Assembly.