Monday FUNday at KFS…

Over 200 Kenston Forest students, in grades Kindergarten through 12, learned new ways to solve problems, engineer creative solutions to challenges and improve their team work and cooperation, practicing vital skills that lead to 21st century success, in college and beyond!

Working in small teams of two to four students, each group was issued 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, a handful of mini-marshmallows and a bit of yarn. The challenge: build the tallest free-standing tower!

The essential ingredients of success: creativity, team-work, a willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes, and persistence.

Kenston Forest School believes that preparing students for success in a dynamic, fast-paced, increasingly diverse world means that team work, creativity, problem-solving and persistence are essential parts of the curriculum. We believe that project-based learning gives students of all ages the chance to practice and develop these skills and capacities.

And it is fun! In today’s competition, fourth grade students Braeden Kirker, Jonathan Tozzi and Bobby Hawthorne built the Lower School’s tallest tower (24 inches!), earning them a place in the Championship round, where they took on two teams of Upper School students, 11th graders Jeb Buchanan and Diego Lopez and a 12th grade team, Anna Robertson, Ira Woodley and Ben Marshall, all of whom built 25-inch towers.

Cheered on by all students in grades K through 12, the three teams were issued new ingredients (three feet of masking tape took the place of the mini-marshmallows) and competed for the school championship.

Jeb and Diego’s 34-inch tower won the day!